Most contractors prefer to start big construction projects in the fall. This season is ideal in most regions, as workers can race through the project without dealing with frozen soil, hot weather, or heavy rainfall. While the fall months may be the best time to excavate a construction site, there are many reasons to start a construction project in winter. Winter is an excellent time to tackle some construction projects, but other projects are often left until more favorable climate conditions come along. Can you excavate new construction projects in the winter in Omaha? What should you know before you do?

Can You Excavate in the Winter in Omaha?

Winter construction projects are often cheaper. That’s because companies that provide excavation services aren’t as busy. Also, the demand for materials is lower during colder months. Lastly, in the winter months, building permits are often easier to obtain as well.

Most people would assume that frozen soil makes excavation impossible and wait until spring or summer before starting a construction project. However, even in regions with milder winters, projects may see delays. Although excavation jobs are much harder during the colder months of the year, excavation companies with the proper equipment welcome the work during the slower winter season.

Tools that make excavating in freezing temperatures easier include soil-warming equipment, equipment designed to dig through frozen ground, and hydro-excavation. Hydroexcavation relies on high-pressure water to cut through hard, frozen soil like butter.

Can you excavate construction projects in Omaha in the winter, then? Yes, but only if you work with an Omaha excavation company with the right equipment.

How Will Freezing Winter Weather Impact Your Excavation Project?

Excavating during the winter won’t be a problem in regions where temperatures rarely dip below freezing. That is because the ground takes a lot longer to freeze than the rest of the environment. In these areas, even excavation companies that lack the proper winter excavation equipment can slice through the soil.

Winter excavation projects are more challenging in areas with predictably cold winters. Cold weather, snow, and ice create harsh working conditions that leave construction workers prone to safety hazards as well. Standard equipment isn’t always able to handle these icy conditions, and using electrical equipment is risky. When electrical tools generate heat, snow and ice melt — causing a risk of electrocution.

Soil that is frozen solid is hard to excavate without specialized winter excavation tools. It’s also vital to remember that, even in milder winter climates, the sun sets much earlier in winter. Darker conditions force workers to rely on artificial lighting.

One of the major benefits of excavation projects in the winter months is that contractors are much less busy. So, while you might have trouble finding an excavation company for the job during busy seasons like the late summer and fall, contractors are scrambling for work in the winter.

The best excavation companies prepare by investing in specialized winter excavation equipment.

Why Should You Consider Starting an Excavation Project in Winter?

Winter can be a great time to embark on an excavation project. That’s because most people start excavation periods during other seasons. Because excavation companies have less work in winter, it is easier to find an experienced team. Not to mention, the excavation service you hire can focus on your project because work is slow at this time of year.

Why Wait Until Spring to Start an Excavation Project?

Why Wait Until Spring to Start an Excavation Project?

Winter months bring freezing conditions. Freezing weather affects the workforce, equipment, and soil. All these factors mean that your excavation project may take longer to complete. Add reduced daylight hours to the equation, and it becomes clear that there are more efficient times to start excavating than in winter.

Excavating in Winter: A Final Word

Contrary to popular belief, excavating in winter is possible — even in harsh climates with freezing temperatures. Local excavation companies experience a seasonal low point during the cold winter months. You can take advantage of that by starting an Omaha excavation project in winter. However, if you live in a cool climate, it is vital to ensure that your crew is equipped with specialized winter excavation tools.

Helpful resource: 2022-2023 Winter Outlook (National Weather Service)

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