Hydrovac excavation is one emerging trend in the construction industry. This excavation method is ideal for anyone who is looking to excavate in the safest and most precise way. What is hydrovac excavation, and why is it considered to be better than the manual method of excavation which many construction companies are still using? It can be safer, much more effective, and very beneficial for any construction project that may have existing utility locations in question.

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is a means of earth removal that uses a combination of high-pressure water jets (to blast out rock and liquefy soil), and then a powerful vacuum to clear out the path.

The best way to picture hydrovac excavation is to imagine that you’re sticking a huge appliance into the ground that’s made to do two things at once.

Unlike the average vacuum cleaner, a hydrovac extraction machine does the job on a grand scale, using an industrial-strength vacuum system to move out vast amounts of soil or sand.

What's the Opposite of Hydrovac Excavation?

What’s the Opposite of Hydrovac Excavation?

Manual excavation is the direct opposite of doing things with a hydro excavator truck. Manual excavation has been the preferred method of soil removal for a very long time. However, the advent of hydrovac excavation has meant that it’s no longer the best way to do things.

Manual excavation is costly, slow, and requires the use of expensive equipment.

Hydrovac excavation is much cheaper, and faster and does not require as much heavy equipment moving around the construction site. In this way, it can cut down the risks on a construction site – while also reducing the time spent on the site as well.

What Does Hydrovac Excavation Cost?

Construction companies who want to keep their budget low, often contract third-party hydrovac companies to bring their equipment and do the job. If you have a higher-budget project or can afford to fork out more money, then invest in your own hydrovac and keep on using it!

If you would like to rent a hydrovac from another company, expect much of the process to match when you rent any other construction equipment. Most often, you will be charged for their services by the hour. If you are a construction company reliant on a third-party provider, remember to add this to your final quotation.

Hydrovac excavation can depend on the amount of time, but might also depend on the size of the area that has to be, well, hydrovac’d.

The larger the size or depth of your construction, the more you could expect to pay.

Why is Hydrovac Excavation Better?

Hydrovac excavation stands out as a superior method of construction preparation because it’s cheaper and faster. This isn’t the only way that you can expect hydrovac excavation to be a superior method of doing things.

Hydrovac excavation is safer and relies on equipment instead of staff to move around on heavy equipment throughout a construction site.

If you choose hydrovac exvacation for your project, almost guaranteed, your project is safer to get off the ground.

Why is Hydrovac Excavation Faster?

Where earthmoving equipment would have to make its way through the soil and often transport this somewhere else – a time-consuming process – a hydrovac can achieve the same thing in a matter of minutes.

For example, compare sweeping out the kitchen, versus doing the same job with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Given five minutes and each method, which area do you think would be better in the end?

If you are a company in the construction business that wants to save money and time, choose hydrovac extraction for all the obvious reasons.

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