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Site preparation is more than moving soil and clearing debris. PSC Construction provides a full range of services, performed according to your specifications. So, regardless of the complexity of the project, the scope or the timeline, PSC ensures you have the foundation you need to safely and successfully move forward.

Demolition and Site Clearing

From marking and protecting trees to be retained, to clearing vegetation and debris, and removing existing structures, PSC Construction efficiently clears the site to allow subsequent steps to be completed. We may use additional equipment to determine the existence of utilities or other underground structures that must also be removed to provide a clean and clear job site.


From entrance to exit, PSC Construction utilizes heavy equipment to prepare the project site according to site plans and design. This includes over-excavation, surcharging and compacting existing or new soil.

Underground Utilities

Whether the project calls for new installation, upgrading and expanding existing utilities or repair and replacement, PSC Construction has the skills, experience and equipment to safely complete the project. We specialize in HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride or vinyl), cast iron and CRP (concrete reinforced pipe).


PSC Construction has invested in location mapping and hydro-excavating technology. So, we’re able to identify and verify existing utilities and piping underground to minimize surprises and delays. In addition, our hydro-excavating capabilities enable us to provide trenching and potholing more safely and efficiently.

Total Site Development

You need a safe and efficient site for every project under your direction. Depending on the current site conditions, layout, site plan specifications and total scope of your project, PSC Construction excels in our ability to provide each project with complete site development services:

  • Earth moving

  • Tunneling

  • Temporary roads and fencing

  • Earth leveling and grading

  • Overburden removal

  • Barricading and signage

  • Site support services

  • Backfill installation

  • Staging and lay down areas

  • Drainage control

  • Compaction

  • Temporary lighting and security

We understand the importance of value engineering

At PSC Construction, we understand the importance of value engineering and design-build in all phases of construction. We work with the architectural, engineering and construction teams to identify opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies, ensure optimal use of resources, and meet scheduling requirements – from preliminary budgetary estimates to complete turnkey projects.