Whether you’re tearing down an old building to put up a new one, or you’re doing any other type of construction project, excavation is going to be an important part of the process. Excavation work on a building site is vital as it allows the builders to properly place the foundations that the structure will require, thereby ensuring the structural integrity of the building. It doesn’t matter how well-designed and expertly constructed the building is, if it isn’t set on a proper foundation, you could be looking at serious problems. Remember, a building is only as sound as the foundation it stands on.

How Does the Excavation Process Work?

Needless to say, the excavation process is one of the first and most fundamental parts of the construction process. If you’ve never been involved in a construction project before, you may be wondering how the exaction process works.

Below, we’ve outlined the steps that are involved in the excavation process that will need to take place before a structure can be constructed.

Site Clearing

The very first step in the excavation process is site clearing. Site clearing is important, as it rids the construction site of any and all debris, such as plants, trees, boulders, brush, tree trunks, and even garbage. Without site clearing, excavation cannot take place because if any materials are in the way they can impede proper excavation.

Site Staking

Once the site has been completely cleared, the next step in the excavation process is site staking. During this step, stakes will be placed on the land that will indicate where the foundation of the future building will be. Site staking serves as a guide for the contractors who will be laying the foundation.

Typically, four markers are placed into the ground at the four corners of where the future building will be erected. Once the markers have been placed, diagonal measurements will be taken and the length and the width will be confirmed and verified.

Layout Design

After the site has been staked out and measurements have been taken, the next phase of the excavation process is designing the layout of the future building. This includes any and all external features that will be incorporated into the design, such as walkways, porches, steps, stoops, driveways, patios, decks, and landscaping.

Essentially, the layout design shows contractors where each part of the future building is and where it will be placed.

Preparations for Building

After the layout design has been completed and all of the features and elements of the future structure have been clearly illustrated on the site, building preparations will begin. In other words, it’s time for excavation to commence.

Excavation and building preparations include digging out all of the locations that have been staked out on the land to ensure that all of the vegetation has been fully removed, and also making sure that all of the necessary drainage systems have been incorporated. Footers can also be placed around the slab of the building’s foundation during this step of the excavation process.

Additional steps may also be taken depending on the excavator, the land, and the type of building that will be constructed. Digging out trenches below the frost line, for example, and anything else that may be needed.

Slab Support Materials and Drainage

Next up is laying down the necessary gravel. This is a vital step and it has a huge impact on the excavation process. Additionally, it’s also the part of the process where any drainage pipes that may be needed will be placed. Contractors will need to ensure that the site is properly leveled prior to laying the foundation for the future building.

Sewer Drainage Trenches

Pipes for sewer drainage aren’t just laid down on the land; trenches will need to be dug first prior to laying the drainage pipes. This is crucial, as the drainage elements will be connected to the building once it is actually constructed.

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