Effective Dust Control and Air Quality Management for Construction Sites

Because construction activities can kick up a lot of dust, developing effective air quality management and dust control strategies is vital. Construction site dust management plans keep workers and members of the public safe, protect the environment, and ensure adherence to OSHA, EPA, and state regulations. Effective Dust Control and Air Quality Management for

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Safe Digging Practices in Excavation Construction Projects

Excavation refers to the action of removing rock and soil from an area, usually so that can be prepared for a construction project. Excavation might be necessary for the landscape or to install underground utilities. Sometimes excavation can be dangerous - especially when it’s done without the right team, proper training, necessary safety precautions,

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What Does “Spaghetti Bowl” Mean in Underground Infrastructure?

Sometimes excavation and construction industry workers will use the phrase "spaghetti bowl" to describe the underground utilities in an area where they are working. This means there are a lot of different utility lines running close together. The lines can be for things like electricity, gas, water, and sewer. They can also be for

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What Kind of Pipe Will Your Construction Project Use?

It’s a well-known fact that pipes are a vital part of a plumbing system; however, many aren’t aware that pipes are an integral structural component of many construction projects. When used for structural reasons, pipes are more commonly referred to as tubes, and they can be used in a variety of ways; bracing, framework,

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What Are the Major Types of Construction?

People first started building complex structures over 10,000 years ago, working with whatever materials they could find — stone, mammoth bones, and animal hides, among others. Since then, the construction industry has come a long way. If you want to know more about the major types of construction used today, you first have to

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Why Kids Love Construction Trucks

Did you get your kid(s) a toy truck for Christmas, and now you can't get them out of the sandbox? It's cute to watch, but you might wonder why kids love playing with construction trucks so much. What is their fascination with construction trucks like bulldozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, and excavators in miniature

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