Essential Site Preparation for Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are bold and beautiful, and a marvel of architecture. When skyscrapers are built, site preparation becomes one of the most important elements to consider. No corners can be cut because foundations have to be solid and cleared for safety and structural integrity. In this article, we cover everything you should know about essential

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How Long Is the Site Preparation Phase in a Construction Project?

A construction project begins with site prep, which can start several months before the construction process officially begins. The site preparation phase is one of the most important (yet often underestimated) project phases in commercial construction. The site preparation process guarantees that the building site is ready, safe, and adequate to start construction. While

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What Happens When a Water Line Breaks?

Water is a vital resource in our everyday lives. Bathing, cooking, cleaning; we use water multiple times a day and for so many things. Despite the fact that running water is such a fundamental resource, most people don’t give it a second thought. They simply turn on the tap and voila – it appears,

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What Does a Bioswale Do?

A bioswale isn’t something that everyone is familiar with, however, this type of stormwater-runoff system that almost everyone can report they have seen somewhere. Bioswales are prevalent in parking lots and on highways and are sometimes found in other areas where stormwater systems are installed. What Does a Bioswale Do? What does a bioswale

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How to Bring Utilities to Undeveloped Land

Are you considering an investment in undeveloped land? One of the biggest expenses in developing the property is bringing in utilities. When planning a commercial project on undeveloped land it is essential to consider if electricity, natural gas, municipal water, and sewer lines are accessible, and the costs related to moving these services onto

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How to Build a Construction Site Access Road

Construction sites rely on access routes to deliver materials, equipment, and workers. Access roads provide contractors with efficient project management allowing unrestricted movement around all areas of the site. Access road design requires proper construction to ensure the capacity and durability to withstand heavy vehicle traffic on the project site. If the road design

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