Underground Utilities

Commercial ~ Industrial ~ Residential

Specializing in Underground Utility Emergency Repairs and New Installations, PSC's expertise and latest technology will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Proactively working with customers during critical events is what we do best. Our expert underground people are efficient at locating and installing a variety of utilities. We know that keeping your facilities efficient often requires the alteration or addition of underground connections.

Specializing In HDPE Installations

We specialize in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe installation. With our highly trained and certified professionals and latest advanced equipment you can be rest assured PSC is the choice.

PSC maintains a considerable inventory of HDPE parts and geofabric material.
  • Mcelroy Fusion Machines
  • HDPE liner install and repair
  • Mega lugs/ HDPE pipe pincher
  • Geofabric

From a 24" water supply to a industrial facility or a 1" water line to your residence, PSC is the choice of professionals.

PSC Is The Best Choice For Commercial, Industrial & Residential Underground Construction.

PSC has the modern equipment and the professional team to get the job done right safely and to your complete satisfaction.

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