Directional Drilling

Commercial ~ Industrial ~ Residential

When accuracy is needed our directional drilling capabilities allow us to go within inches of our targeted location. Our boring drill heads are equipped with full inertial navigation systems. Our equipment can even penetrate under river beds, or lakes.

PSC has set ourselves apart from other Directional Drilling companies by our excellent Directional Drilling personnel, our competitive Directional Drilling prices, and our excellent Directional Drilling equipment.

We Are A Leader In Directional Drilling Solutions

At PSC we have options when dealing with underground installation. Our directional drilling machines allow highways to stay open and wetlands to be undisturbed.

When dealing with complex problems directional drilling is effective for going under structures and through landmasses. These solutions often save time and added expense.

When you work with us you automatically take the worry away from your Directional Drilling projects. Give us a call today so we can discuss with you what you are wanting to accomplish, and whatever this maybe we will successfully manage this project for you to meet your full satisfaction and expectation.
Directional Drilling - Commercial, Industrial & Residential

PSC has the modern equipment and the professional team to get the job done right safely and to your complete satisfaction.

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